Electrically Cooled Buffet Display Case with coloured handcrafted wooden frame

hot or cold
by simply flipping a switch

electrically refrigerated display case with plastic cover and wooden frame in light grey
electrically refrigerated display case style+

24/7 cooling

thermometer blue


24/7 warming


TOGETHER® Cooled Buffet Display Case model Style+

Mobile or stationary, the TOGETHER Hot and Cold Cooling Display Case Style+ for breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets and for all businesses and applications that want to emphasize a modern or branded style. Also interesting wherever there is insufficient space for a conventional refrigerated display cabinet.

These innovative Cooled Dispaly Cases for the buffet combine two functions (hot/cold) in one device. Simply place the serving plate with food inside it and select the desired temperature range (hot/cold) – that’s all you has to to – cooling and warming 24/7 without any further work.
No more annoying handling of ice cubes, ice packs, crushed ice, eutectic plates or pre cooling.
No conversion of the cooling/heating technology necessary. You can choose between the warm/off/cold functions just by flipping a switch.
This relieves the burden on your service employees and saves working time and money.

Configure your display refrigeration cabinet in your own design

The standard color of the wooden frame of this electrically cooled buffet display case is light grey. On request and with the appropriate quantity, the wooden frame can also be delivered in one of 213 other RAL colors.

RAL color fan

This is ideal if you want, that this Refrigerated Display Case match the colour and design of the buffet, the room or your brand color for example during promotional events. The appliance is supplied complete with a GN 1/1 stainless steel tray and a high-quality roll top hood with gold-colored handle. Optional you can get it with a silver- or chrom-colored handle.

The standart substructure of this Cooling Display Case is black, optional you can get it in grey, carbon or silver.

4 colors of basis carbon, black, silver, grey
from left side to right side: carbon, grey, silver, black

Why your guests and customers will love these Cooled Display Cabinets

Since your employees are not constantly busy replacing ice packs or ice cubes, there is more peace in the guest room. In addition, your employees have more time to take care of the guest. In addition, customers are very sensitive to freshness and quality. The permanent cooling ensures well-chilled and hygienic food. This promotes the well-being of the guests


  • attractive design
  • compact size, footprint of 62 x 42 cm
  • low weight around 11 kg complete, no single part more than 8 kg
  • the low weight and the compact size allows a flexible usage for example on the hotel buffet but also in conference rooms, shops, during exhibitions etc.
  • substructure in 4 colors available
  • easy handling
  • immediately ready for operation
  • no need of ice cubes, ice packs, crushed ice, eutectic plates, cold packs, ice packs, dry ice or pre cooling necessary
  • guests are not disturbed by changing ice cubes, ice packs…… or changing cooling/heating technology
  • equipped with a serving plates size of GN 1/1
  • almost noiseless
  • innovative technology
  • only one appliance needs to be purchased to get a cooling and warming display
  • without ozone-depleting and climate-impacting refrigerants
  • without cooling compressor, no compressor oil
  • >95 % recyclable
  • no leakage check of cooling circuit
  • low power consumption
  • worldwide use 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz.

almost noiseless

ready to use

safe worktime


safe money

worldwide use

device-model: table-top/ counter top
technical functions:ready to plug in, electrically operated
hot or cold function can be activated by flipping the switch on the underside of the appliance
3-position switch:
cooling function: switch position = cool
off: switch position = off
warming function: switch position = warm
cooling:constant temperature of +4°/ +6°C*
(* = at 20°C ambient temperature)
warming:constant temperature of +65°C*
(* = at 20°C ambient temperature)
environmental friendliness:no refrigerant
no compressor oil
low power consumption
>95 % recyclable
dimensions:230 (H) x 360 (W) x 560 (D) mm
weight:11 kg
suitable for:buffet plates, banquet plates, serving plates, tubs, bowls up to a size of GN 1/1
electrical supply:100-240Vac / 50/60 Hz. or direct connection without power supply unit to 24 Vdc
maintenance:maintenance-free, only the fan must be kept free of dust
– no downtime
– no leakage checks of the coolant circuit
customizability:4 color options for the substructure: black, silver, grey or carbon
3 color options for the handle: gold- silver or chrom-colored
frame in standart color light grey, optional 213 RAL colors possible
scope of delivery:TOGETHER® Hot- and Cold Plate 3300, special Multi-Volt Power Supply, solid wood frame, GN 1/1 stainless steel serving plate, acrylic glass rolltop cover
important advantages: – mobile use
light weight and easy handling enable flexible use

– modern design
blends in perfectly with the look of the buffet

– easy handling
hot and cold ready to plug in; only one switch needs to be flipped

– virtually noiseless
for a pleasant ambience in the dining room

– cost saving
only one appliance needs to be purchased to realize a cooling and warming function

– saves time
no preparation is required (no ice packs, crushed ice or conversion of the buffet technology), which relieves the service staff and saves working time

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