TOGETHER hot- and coldplate
the innovation with 1,000 options

cold-warm plate in one device

The electric hot and cold plate offers both functions
by simply flipping the switch

24/7 continuous operation

for keeping food warm

24/7 continuous operation

without preparation

Cold packs

Hot- and Coldplate model 3300 - silver save Christmas discounts now!

Table top unit

ready for use everywhere with only 8 kg weight

2 versions of innovative cooling solution
with the same advantages

built-in version

precisely fitting installation in furniture

easy for use

immediately ready for operation

elegant & modern design

with individualization options

almost noiseless

through innovative technology

applicable worldwide

through multi-volt power supply
100-240 V, 50/60 Hz.

>95% recyclable

out of responsibility for our common future


global warming potential
without refrigerants that damage the ozone layer and the climate
and without compressor oil

time saving

No rebuild of cooling/heating technology necessary

cost saving

as only one device needs to be purchased

no costly maintenance

Leakage checks

Application areas of our customers:

worldwide upscale gastronomy & hotel industry
event planner &
cruise ships and super yachts
store, exhibition, furniture and kitchen maker

Hot- & Coldplate

the mobile heat & cold plate

attractive color selection

4 colors for a perfect look

buffet showcase

Elegance Buffetvitrine
Elegance+ Buffetvitrine