Hot-and-cold-plate table-top version 3300

Discover our innovative hot and cold plates for the attractive buffet

Heiß- und Kaltplatte

2 functions in one device


Keep the sliced meat warm at dinner buffet

+4° / 6 °C

Keep sausage and cheese cold at morning buffet

clever, easy and uncomplicate in usage

Connect the hot-and-cold plate with power supply. Switch either to warm or cold function. All done.

No icecubes or thermal packages needed

high care of health

The aluminium surface is easy and quick to clean. In addition, the occurrence of bacteria is reduced.

elegant design

brushed aluminum surface with rounded corners and simple substructure.

the mobile and flexible all-round solution

compact design designed for mobile use.

weight: 8 kg, dimensions: 88 (h) x 360 (w) x 560 (d) mm

if there is no socket nearby...
no problem

Die Heiß- und Kaltplatte kann bei Bedarf auch über eine geringere Stromversorgung betrieben werden.

environmental protection on focus

1. low electric power consumption

2. no compressor with polluting coolant

customization to your interior

You have the choice between over 1,000 colors for custom-made products. We offer you four different color variants as standard.

No annoying handling of ice cubes or crushed ice. No more pre-cooling eutectic plates and wasting precious freezer space. No more unsightly radiant heaters or heat lamps on the attractive buffet.

The innovative TOGETHER® hot & cold plates can help. You can use it to keep your food cold in the morning, and at the evening buffet you can keep the food warm with the same device by simply flipping a switch.

With the table version you are flexible. You can easily transport them. A buffet on the terrace is uncomplicated. The device is immediately ready for use at any time without time-consuming preparatory work. The cold is generated electrically, without the use of refrigerants, which protects the environment.

Überblick über die Vorteile der Heiß- und Kaltplatte

  1. One device and 2 applications possible (hot and cold) by flipping a switch
  2. auf der Temperatur in 15 min
  3. Brushed aluminum for an attractive and hygienic food presentation
  4. Easy to use with power connection
  5. mobile and flexible use everywhere (inside/ outside)
  6. Four plastic feet for a secure stand without scratching the bottom surface
  7. Electronics are not visible to the guest
  8. Small dimensions for easy transport
  9. Suitable for: 1/1 banquet platters, trays, tubs, bowls up to a size of GN 1/1
  10. Customization over 1,000 special productions possible

Impressionen der Heiß- und Kaltplatte

Discover our build-in hot and cold plates