TOGETHER Heiss und Kaltplatte Modell Country House Wood Art

TOGETHER COUNTRY HOUSE WOOD ART is a complete mobile cooling system for the buffet.

The cooling is generated on an electrical basis with the TOGETHER hot and cold plate like model STYLE, that means environment friendly and economic, without any use of a cooling liquid or a cooling compressor.

The mobile cooling system COUNTRY HOUSE WOOD ART includes a rolltop cover with golden handle, a stainless steel 1/1 GN plate and a wooden frame made of massive swiss pine. This design frame is handmade by a carpenter. There are some carvings on the front side. It can be delivered oiled or translucent painted. The genuine style of a country house is stressed by an eye-catching border and by the carvings of typical and traditional designs. Each design frame is unique.

In order to fulfill special wishes of the customer it is also possible to carve some specials designs or motifs up to logos or text. But these specials will be invoiced separately on a time and material basis.

Cooling function:
The surface of the cold plate reaches a temperature of +4°/+6°C at an ambient temperature of +20°C.

Heating function:
This mobile cooling system can also be used for heating. There is a switch on the bottom of the plate. If you switch it from position “cool” to position ”heat”, the surface temperature of the plate will reach a temperature of + 65 ° C at an ambient temperature of 20° C. Switching between hot and cold is possible. That means you can easily use the mobile system for example as refrigeration unit at breakfast and at lunchtime as heating plate.

This double function saves money and space, because you need only one single system for 2 applications.

Low space:
This cooling system has comfortable dimensions of only W 65 x D 45 cm, although it is made for a 1/1 GN plate (53 x 32,5cm). So it needs very tiny space on the buffet.

Low weight:
The total weight of COUNTRY HOUSE WOOD ART is around 11 kg, so one person can carry it easily.

Maintenance free:
TOGETHER mobile cooling systems are maintenance free. Only from time to time the fan motor must be cleaned.

The mobile cooling system runs with 24 VDC. Thus it is very save to operate the cooling unit on the buffet. There is no danger that a guest might get an electric shock. For operation of the cooling unit a special power supply is required for connection to the circuit. The special power supply must be placed freestanding on the floor and it can be used nearly worldwide because it runs with 100–264 V / 50/ 60 cycles.

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